Muscatine Power and Water

Muscatine Power and Water

MP&W is located along the Mississippi River in Iowa, about 30 minutes from the Quad Cities metro area. We are a municipal utility providing water, electric, and communications services to the City of Muscatine and surrounding areas. Each utility was established by a vote of local citizens; Water in 1900, Electric in 1922, and Communications in 1997. We serve to benefit our customer-owners and the Muscatine community. The Water Utility draws water from the abundant Muscatine Island Aquifer. Water from the aquifer is naturally-filtered by sand and gravel that lines the aquifer. This produces high quality water with little need for chemical treatment. Small doses of fluoride. chlorine, and phosphate are added to the water for dental health, to disinfect the water, and to stabilize naturally-occurring minerals in water. Our Water Utility employs 11 highly trained and DNR/state certified staff to monitor, treat, and maintain our water system. Public health and customer confidence in the water we deliver is a driving force for the Water Utility. Electricity for our customers is generated in Muscatine. Approximately 120 employees operate and maintain three coal-fired generating units at our Power Plant site. With a combined nameplate operating capacity of 293.55 MW, MP&W has the largest generating capacity of any municipal utility in the state of Iowa. Another 40 employees in our Transmission & Distribution department engineer and maintain a reliable distribution and metering system to safely get the power we generate to our customers’ homes and businesses. The Communications Utility provides cable TV and Internet services to residential and business customers. Advanced business services are offered via MachLink® Metro Ethernet (MME), an innovative city-wide fiber-based network. We know it’s important in today’s world that like electricity, your Internet is always on when you want it. Nearly 30 employees are in the field or in the office supporting our cable and Internet systems and customers. We are proud to offer highly reliable services that are not weather dependent, and with outstanding local service. Unlike other providers, we’re right down the street and here when you need us. MP&W is important to the Community and a focus on keeping rates as low as possible helps other Muscatine businesses be more competitive in their industries and helps Muscatine residents pay a smaller portion for their utility services. In total, we employ about 285 employees and we want to serve Muscatine for generations to come. To help do so, we regularly reinvest in our plant facilities and distribution systems. In 2014, we were very excited to announce our next investment in the Communications Utility! Our Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project will convert the last-mile of coax cable going to the customer premise to fiber. FTTH will remove current system and equipment limitations and enable us to deliver gigabit speeds to our customers. The project is currently underway and is expected to be completed in 2017.

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